School Holiday Bring Your Child to Work

Nolans has always maintained a family first culture.  The number of partners and staff with school age children has increased the impact of school holidays on both staff leave and our productivity.  Dealing with staff absences due to having childcare plans fall through was becoming a headache for the business as well as staff.

Time to think outside the box, this year we ran a successful trial of a “child friendly space” in the office over the school summer break.

We set up the child friendly space where the children were supervised by a paid early childhood educator with some help from parents.

Yes, it was a bit noisy at times – but also a lot of fun for everyone. 

Staff could come to work during the school holidays, the kids had activities and contact with their parents – everyone wins.

So don’t be surprised if you are greeted at the door by one or two youngsters next school holidays.

Posted: Monday 10 February 2020